Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Something's Gotta Give

And that "Something" for me is blogging. Since our Lilly has arrived I have held everything together; the laundry, the house, cooking and entertaining Christopher. I just can't find the time and motivation for blogging. But enough is enough, I need to get back to it. So here's what we've been up to in the past month. Christopher turned two. It was a low key birthday, spent with his cousins down Bayside. On the weekend he had another gathering with all his cousins in crazy court. As a gift, Ryan and I are taking him to see Thomas at B&O Railroad Museum in April.

Christopher, Sophia and Madeline are really getting along nicely now, and its such fun watching them play together. We really miss Leif on these afternoons. Lately the weather has been nice enough to venture outside. We've been frequenting Ft. Smallwood Park after nap time and sometimes Granddad and Uncle Kevin join us. The kids are all very brave trying out the slide and swings. We've been visiting Bayside once a week, and Mom brings Sophia up to our house once a week. The kids (and adults) love the company.

Lilly is G-R-O-W-I-N-G! She still sleeps a ton. Her days are like this: wake at 8am for quick nursing and then back to sleep within 45 minutes. The rest of the day she sleeps 1-4 hours varying with only 45-60 minutes of awake time in between. Her bed time is at 7pm, along with Christopher, then I usually give her a twilight feeding before I turn in for the night. She then wakes briefly at 2 and 5 for quick nursing and then back to sleep! This is great, because I can get alot done and have plenty of time for Christopher. But on the other hand, I wish she could tolerate being awake more, so we could play with her. She has lots of social smiles and likes holding her head up and looking around the room. I am noticing her being more awake, even if its just by little bits. Christopher loves getting her toys and playing with her. He also bounces her chair to help soothe her. She is still very interesting to him. I had her weighed three weeks ago, and she was 11lbs, 4oz. We have her 2 month checkup on Friday. I can't wait to see her new numbers. She is still spitting up so much, but that doesn't seem to bother her, just makes alot of laundry for Mama.

Our house has been on the market now for two weeks. We've had two showings, but no serious buyers. It is a little challenging keeping the house "show ready" with little ones around, but I am doing it! Each time we leave for Bayside, I have to have the house perfect just in case someone wants to see it while we are out. It makes it tough to get out the door before 10:30! Meanwhile Ryan is keeping himself very busy with our new house plans. These are very busy and exciting times for us.

"'Two' tastes delicious"

Funny how we don't have to coax him to eat his cake like we have to with his dinner.

Madeline is excited to sing "Happy Birthday" to Christopher.

Getting ready to make his wish. "I wish all light switches were only 3 feet high"

Sophia patiently waits for cake.

Lilly naps.

Christopher came running into our room one morning before 7. "Put the tool belt on" he requested. Ryan said "that's from your side of the family; the boy wants to start home improvements before sunrise".

I was trying to catch the sweetest moment on film. Christopher was gently laying his head on Lilly's back as she slept. He stayed there for a while. Until I got the camera of course!
I'll leave you with some cute Christopherisms:
*Great Gran requested that Christopher call her "Nana". Now he calls her "Banana".
* His morning dove is back. We pointed out her song to Christopher one morning in bed. Since then he calls her "Good morning, Dove".
* The other day I was holding Lilly up on my shoulder. She was squirming and kicking at the back of the couch. Christopher reprimanded her, "No climbing on the sofa, Lilly".
* The other night he was really upset and crying. As he held his Cookie Monster, he said to himself "Jesus love me".
* Yesterday he wanted to know where his shadow went. I had to turn on the dining room light to have it appear on the wall. He was happy then and said "Hi shadow!".
* While I was making dinner, Lilly started fussing in her bouncy chair. I asked Christopher to go bounce her. Instead of using his hands, he tried lifting one foot in the air to bounce the chair frame with it. This is how I do it since she is so low on the floor. He kept losing his balance on one foot. I had to show him how to do it with his hands.