Monday, May 9, 2011


The carousel; a highlight of the day.

Silly Lilly.

Sophie and Christopher blow dandelions in front of Constitution Hall.

The Liberty Bell. And I think Lilly is picking her nose. Not sure.

The kids are doing a happy dance on the streets of Philadelphia after an hour and a half car ride.

I am not sure about other kids out there, but when Christopher becomes interested in something, he just runs with it. Lately it has been the Star Spangled Banner. Then later the Liberty Bell. I find it funny that a 3 year old has as much interest in patriotic themes as these, but he does. So of course, I indulge him. At Christmas he received two US maps. One is interactive and taught him about the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. He wanted to know why it was cracked, who put the crack there and so on and so forth. Then he began telling me, "Mommy I want to go see the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia". Usually with requests like these I cannot appease him because its more like "Mom I want to go on the moon". So when I can accommodate his request and it seems like a reasonably good idea, I do. Recently my friend Cara and I had been talking about getting out to see new things with the kids and Philly was first on the list. We chose a sunny Tuesday, packed a picnic and hit the road. It was a super easy drive, especially with Cara as my co-pilot. We parked in the historic district and set out to see the Liberty Bell first thing. Christopher was happy to see it. I explained to him as best I could about the circumstances in which it arrived to Philadelphia. Later I heard him tell Ryan "Early Americans (I don't remember using that phrase lol) wrote on a piece of paper about new freedom and they bonged the bell for everyone to come read it. But they bonged it too hard and it cracked. It was fragile." I was impressed at this dialogue when I only explained it once or twice.

Afterwards the kids ran around the mall in front of Constitution Hall to burn off some energy, it was gorgeous. I loved the short time in Philadelphia and I plan to go back really soon. I can't believe that was my first trip. Pathetic. After a picnic lunch in the gardens by the mall we went to the "Please Touch Museum". The kids really enjoyed it, especially the carousel at the end. I am so glad we went. It was an easy, low stress and educational trip. I hope to do more like this in the future.