Sunday, April 24, 2011


Our Easter was lovely. After several weeks of cold rainy weather, Easter Sunday delivered the warm Spring day we'd been waiting for. It was so nice watching the kids hunt eggs in shorts and sundresses. After a nice meal, we spent the remainder of the day outside. We relaxed in the shade, ate three delicious cakes and burned calories while chasing kids. Early evening brought thunderstorms so we packed tired kids in our cars and headed home.

Leif displaying the bunny cake he was so eager to eat.

Christopher definitely needs to work on his egg hunting skills. He couldn't find them even when they were pointed out to him!

Lilly found one egg her own with a little help from Daddy.

Before the hunt began all the kiddies lined up. Then: "READY, SET, GO!" they were off.

Kevin with baby Tessa.

Tessa and my Mom. So far Tessa is the only McClain grandchild with blue eyes. After 5 kids, and 6 grandkids, my Dad finally got his blue eyed baby!

Christopher steals a smooch from his sister. Lately the two have been getting along so wonderfully, even though Lilly looks not too enthused here.

Sophia in her lovely dress with silly bunny ears. She wore the dress all day, refusing to take it off. This is so different than I remember being as a child. I couldn't wait to get those itchy tights off!

The baskets sit at the ready, waiting for the egg hunt to begin.

Lilly L.O.V.E.S. Sam. Loves him.

I couldn't get enough of Lilly in this dress. Precious.

Lilly and Emma had matching dresses compliments of Lulu. Kristi and I thought it would be a great idea to get some pics of them together. Trying to get pictures of two wiggly babies is hard to do. This was the best of the batch.

Good Friday we had Cara and Sophie over for some Easter crafts and egg dying. The kids had tons of fun and with surprisingly little mess.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Greatest Friend

Meg, Christopher, Gigi, me and Lilly stop our busy afternoon visit for a quick snapshot.

I have a nice trick up my sleeve. I can instantly feel 13 again. The problem is, the person I need to make this happen lives 3000 miles away. This person is Meg Devoe,someone I've known since seventh grade; she is what I call my forever friend. No matter how much time has passed, and sometimes its years, we always pick up where we left off. And we always leave off in a silly state of giggles. I laugh more with her than I do with anyone else. For the past seven years Meg has made Portland her new home as she attended medical school. In that time we have had to get by on quick visits whenever we can. Sometimes so much time will pass without a word being exchanged between us. During those times I fret that maybe this is it; maybe we've lost touch for good. Then will come a phone call, and we'll laugh and catch up. So imagine my pleasant surprise to learn on Thursday evening that she was in town visiting her grandmother. Saturday the kids and I drove down to Silver Spring to visit, then return home with Meg for a day. The kids were on their best behavior, and it was pure joy showing them off to my good friend and her grandma, Gigi. We spent the rainy afternoon catching up, playing with the kids and feasting on Gigi's famous egg salad sandwiches. When the kids got restless we ventured out into the rain for a long walk. After Meg said her goodbyes with Gigi, we came back home, left the kids with Ryan, and headed out for some girl time. We spent the evening cracking crabs and cracking up. My sides hurt from laughing so much. My sister Lisa joined us which just added to the fun. Sunday morning we shared a leisurely breakfast then said our goodbyes at the airport. As I pulled away, I was sad. I am never sure when I will see her again. But I have faith that we will get together again and I can be sure that when we do, we will be laughing like two school girls.