Thursday, July 28, 2011

Our Summer... So Far!

Busy, busy, busy. That describes our days of late. If we haven't been at the beach or the pool or a party, we've been visiting doctors! June into July found us all taking turns with one illness or another. From strep throat to croup (and an ER visit), to ear infections and pulled necks, we had it all. But enough talking about the negative, on the flip side we have also been having so much fun. Nothing too extravagant, just everyday family fun stuff. I have been savoring most of the day to day things we do because in our near future we will not be living in this neck of the woods. Change makes me so sad and sentimental, especially since having kids. So I have been soaking it all up, and soaking up lots of sun too!

Lilly has been doing very well on the potty. She pees every time she sits and poops almost 5 out of 7 days. Here I caught her reading a High Five. I took the picture from around the corner, sneeky-like. When she heard the camera go off she looked like this:

Busted! She is so funny.

Gymboree had a "beat the heat" open play session for free. I met four other playgroup moms and their kids there. I worry about missing out on playgroups once we move. I love those moms and kiddos!

Audrey sneeks a kiss to Lilly at Gymboree.

Me and my boy.

Mid June Lisa and I took Christopher on an Urban Pirate tour around the Baltimore Harbor. It was great fun. He was a tad off but I chalked it up to the heat. Later that day I realized he a fever and subsequently strep throat. Poor pirate.

Lilly loves feeding the goats at our local petting farm. I'm really really going to miss this place when we move. Its one of our favorite spots and is only minutes from our house.