Thursday, April 3, 2014

Back in the swing of things!  I really have been wanting to get back to blogging, even if its just for the sake of documenting what is going on with these ever-changing kiddies of ours.  So lets back up to January and February to recap the birthday parties.

 Here Lilly is on her actual birthday, getting ready to blow out her candle.
Lilly and Hartley shared a birthday party with friends and family.  Lilly, being the unselfish girl that she is, happily shared the day with her little sister.
 The spread.
 The table is almost set.
 Sweets for Sweeties.
 When Christopher heard of this party he said "So there are going to be a bunch of girls here dressed up like princesses?  Well, I guess you're going to need a prince!"  And  prince he was.  He put on the dress shirt and tie and served the little ladies all day.
 Finger sandwiches.
 Sophie stirs her tea.
 Prince Christopher started an impromptu dance party. Lucky guy was able to dance with all the girls since he was the only guy around!
 When Lilly blew out her candle, she turned to me, looked me right in the eye as she said "Thank you Mommy".  So sweet and genuine.  It brought a tear to my eye.  She really enjoyed this party.  Before the party she was laying under her tea party table and said "nobody has done anything this special for me before".  Oh I love her!
And I think it is safe to say that Hartley enjoyed her party as well.
 "How old is Hartley?  .....ONE!"
 Almost too pretty to eat.
 I love how Hartley is looking at her big brother here.  Adoration.

 All our little ladies who attended the tea party.

During the party we had a craft table set up.  The girls made their own headpieces made of feathers, flowers and jewels.  They also did a paper craft of a flower growing in a pot.  Anyone that wanted to be dolled up could have make up applied.  What a fun time.

MAGIC TIME!  Christopher turns 6!


For Christopher's birthday we had a magic show.  I really had fun with this theme.  Last summer I took Christopher to see a local magician, Mike Rose, at our library.  Christopher laughed so hard and was so entertained, I knew right then that I just had to have a magic birthday party for him.  Before the magician arrived, I had three stations of games set up out in the garage.  Then the kids came in for the show.  The magician is talented and has a great sense of humor, so this was a real highlight.
 Way too much sugar on display here.

 My magic card cake.  Christopher liked helping with decorating.

 Lulu's magic hat cake.
 Ryan and I decorated the night before for both parties.  Seeing the kids' reaction when they come into the room in the morning is the best.  It really makes the entire day feel festive.

 Christopher and Lilly each have a turn being Magician Mike's assistant.
 Hartley even enjoyed the show.
 Everyone is eager to help!
 Christopher blew out his candle then "magically" had it re-light with a wave of his wand.
 For Christopher, no party is complete without a piƱata.
 After the party, Granddad gives Christopher his first personalized big boy rod.

 After everyone has left, Ryan shows Christopher some magic tricks.  We were entertained for weeks after the party with tricks that Christopher had learned.

I really had way too much fun putting these parties together.  I love having ways to release some creative energy.  And who else better to benefit than my lovely kids?