Saturday, June 26, 2010

Everybody wants to be around Lilly. See what happens when I lay her down for just a second?

Fun With Grant

Last weekend we hung out with cousin Grant. It was his 3rd Birthday and we had a great time with him.

Lulu and Lilly.

Friday a week ago we spent the entire day with Karen and Grant. We had a ball. We stayed from 11-5. Lilly napped in the shade of the stroller and the boys played. Hard. Karen and I decided we are doing a lot of this this sumer.

Christopher calls himself a "small mouth bass" when he swims. He really is such a fish. We have visited 3 pools and 1 beach in the past week. Christopher is now jumping off diving boards into 8 ft of water, popping up with the help of swimmies and climbing out of the pool, just to do it all again. Amazing. I need to get video of this.

That's me exiting the slide on the left. Can you believe we returned to this pool a week later and Christopher went down this slide... alone?!?! I regret doing it, because he came out every which way except on his bottom. I think it freaked him out. Sorry buddy.

According To Christopher

While driving to the park, Lilly is in the backseat happily and loudly blowing raspberries. Christopher informs her "Lilly, you are NOT a horse!".

Last night as I said the Lord's Prayer, I paused to let Christopher "fill in the blanks".
Me: "...lead us not into temptation..."
CRW: "...deliver us from Mabel..."

Snugglin' Up

Christopher tends to wake up from naps in a grumpy mood. Its getting better, but when he is in a sour mood, look out! Nothing really makes him happy. The other day was a rough nap wake up. He was sobbing hard, so I laid him in our bed and snuggled him. I offered him milk: no. Snack: no. Outside: no. Little Einsteins: no. Then he hears Lilly talking as she awakens in her crib. Christopher says through real tears "put Christopher in Lilly's crib". And wouldn't you know it, after 20 minutes of being totally inconsolable, he immediately stops crying when placed next to his little sister. They snuggled for a good long time in her crib. When I tell you he loves her, I mean, he really loves her.

There's alot of this going on at our house...

I love this baby stage, the "I want to suck on my toes all day" stage.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cuteness Alert!

Today the kids took a 3 hour afternoon nap together. When I went in to get Lilly this is how I found her. I immediately start talking to her, and getting her to respond (quite loudly) back to me. I thought to myself "she is so cute, let me run get the camera". But I was met in the hall by Christopher, holding the camera and saying "Christopher take a picture of Lilly. Lilly is so cute!" I tell you, he reads my mind all the time! Good idea big brother! She is the sweetest baby I know.

Sunshine and Giggles

My Cool Little Dude...

I don't know why I didn't post this pic with the other beach photos. I think its funny with him sucking in his tummy.

This is how Christopher always puts on his sunglasses. Cracks me up.

Summer Time Fun:

There are a few things that I can't help associate with childhood fun. Catching fireflies has to be top on the list. Ryan showed Christopher how to catch these little guys and lets just say it provided endless fun. And yes, he put them in his little "bug house" and they sat on the vanity during bath time lighting up to Christopher's delight. Unfortunately the next morning we found some escapees.

And Lilly has really come into her own lately. Last Friday I went to her crib to find her on her tummy! That settles it, she is a tummy sleeper full time now. I lay her on her back and she almost immediately rolls over. She is all over the crib too. I stopped swaddling her completely as of Thursday night and now she sleeps great as long as she has the freedom to find her own comfy position. Now I wish I wasn't so slow in removing the swaddle. She really is the happiest baby around. Here she is giggling at Papa's antics, there is some Christopher lovin' going on as well: