Saturday, June 26, 2010

Snugglin' Up

Christopher tends to wake up from naps in a grumpy mood. Its getting better, but when he is in a sour mood, look out! Nothing really makes him happy. The other day was a rough nap wake up. He was sobbing hard, so I laid him in our bed and snuggled him. I offered him milk: no. Snack: no. Outside: no. Little Einsteins: no. Then he hears Lilly talking as she awakens in her crib. Christopher says through real tears "put Christopher in Lilly's crib". And wouldn't you know it, after 20 minutes of being totally inconsolable, he immediately stops crying when placed next to his little sister. They snuggled for a good long time in her crib. When I tell you he loves her, I mean, he really loves her.

There's alot of this going on at our house...

I love this baby stage, the "I want to suck on my toes all day" stage.


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