Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Birthday For Daddy.

Today is Ryan's birthday. I've never seen Christopher so excited for anything in his life of 2 years. He helped me bake the cake. He helped me icing the cake (ok he mostly licked the icing). He wanted to make Daddy a card, which he did. And on our afternoon walk, when he spotted his first ever rainbow after a long rain storm he exclaimed "Mommy, a rainbow! I want to walk through it! A rainbow! On Daddy's Birthday!". The grand finale was the presentation of Ryan's cake. Before I could even round the corner into the dining room, Christopher was bellowing "Happy Birthday to YOU!" and actually keeping the tune (a rarity). Christopher loves his Daddy more than anyone or anything in the world. It is so sweet to see a 2 year old share in such joy for another person. Happy Birthday Ryan.