Friday, May 28, 2010

Spending time with my sweet little girl

I can't describe how much I love Lilly. She is always happy. And always happy to see me. When I peer over her crib rail in the morning, her face instantly lights up. When I nuzzle her neck I breath in deeply her unique and sometimes sour smell, but I love it. Her rooster hair style cracks me up. Hearing her babble in the other room makes me want to run to her side and find out what she's talking about. Sometimes I am so excited that she is mine, I just can't help but nibble on her ear. She is heaven.
Here she is doing her tummy time while I fold laundry.

"Hurry Mom, I can't hold it much longer!"

Out of focus, but still cute as anything! I really need to get a shot of her hair-do doing its thing. The barrette really tames it down.

Baby Beach Bums

Tuesday to Thursday we visited Rehobeth with my parents, Amy and Sophia. Sarah's parents were kind enough to let us stay at their house which is only a block from the Ocean. The kids really enjoyed themselves with playing in the sand, going on numerous walks and checking out the local playground. It was tough to come home.

Sophia and Christopher break out the sand toys.

Lilly even made it to the beach. Here she is just waking from her morning nap. What a pleasant way to wake, with the waves crashing in the background.

Believe it or not, Dad got in the water as cold as it was. The weather was gorgeous though, high 80's and sunny.

Grandmom makes fun shapes in the sand.

Christopher packs in the sand to make the sea horse.


How to entertain a two year old when you're stuck in the house without a car for 8 days:

Christopher received some new sand toys as a "big brother" gift from our friends Ron and Amy. Since I did away with our lame sandbox from last summer, I improvised and gave him dry barley instead. (It was an idea from Aunt Laura). He kept calling the barley "oats". He'd say: "more oats Mom!" Note his outfit: jeans too big so they show off his undies and his PJ top he hasn't taken off yet.

I like the look of concentration on his face.

This kept him busy for 45 minutes! I plan on doing more of these kind of activities. He prefers them to toys. And its free!

We also invited friends to come play with us. Leah and Danny came over on Tuesday. This was the only pic I got, with Danny mid-blink. Leah captured the two boys exchanging a goodbye hug and kiss. Very cute.

And when we were really bored I got creative with snack time. Christopher really got a kick out of this.

Too rainy to go outside? Then break out the finger paints. (We actually did go out in the rain, he loves it.) Notice how neat and careful his style is? I think it says alot about his personality: cautious.

Digging in for more paint.
My car was in the shop for 8 days having the AC repaired. The week really wasn't all that bad, as it let me break out of the box regarding activities for Christopher. And when you can't run the roads, you have more time on your hands and the day is less hectic. This allowed me some one-on-one time with Lilly, which I enjoyed immensely.

Water Lily

Last Sunday we had Lillian baptized. It was an intimate ceremony performed by Deacon Frank at St. Stephens. He had all the children get involved. Christopher went up to the alter to help bless the water. He was also able to come up and watch the water being poured over Lilly's head. Lilly was well behaved and seem to like having the water run through her dark hair. Kevin stood in for Jason as the Godfather and Kristi stood as Lilly's Godmother. Everyone returned to our house afterwards for some food and fellowship. We really enjoyed the day; it was very low key and sentimental for me. I was sad as the sweet oil scent grew fainter with each passing day. Something about that smell reminds me how pure and innocent Lilly is. She is God's greatest gift and I love her so much.

This is the only picture from my camera of the baptism. Lilly is wearing the Winterstein Family Christening gown made by Lulu. For more pictures check out Kevin and Sarah's blog at Sarah took some good ones. (Thanks Aunt Sarah!)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Visit From The Southerners

On May 2nd the Caporossi's arrived from Louisiana for an 8 day visit. We had the greatest time! We took the kids to Storyville, the park, the Aquarium and Hershey Park. Saturday we wrapped up the week with a great cookout with family and friends at our house. Sunday we rested; we were exhausted. The kids got along wonderfully. Brooke is five months older than Christopher and just as cute as could be. There wasn't a single confrontation between the two of them all week. I think Christopher's quiet personality cowards at an "older" woman with a robust personality. And that is Brooke. She is amazing. She talks a blue streak, sings countless songs and makes such comical faces with her big brown eyes. I loved having Brenda, Amy and David's company as well. Amy and I picked up just where we left off when they last visited three years ago. She has a very similar parenting style as I do and it was great going through the days with someone to help with outings, naps and meals. I missed them terribly when they left. I mean, I had serious empty nest syndrome. During their stay it was never ending chaos, conversation and pots of coffee. And I loved every minute of it. Ryan and I are already talking about when we can head south for a visit.

Hershey Park:

He was too short for this ride, but I snuck him in anyway. I did get a picture with him smiling but it was blurry.

Christopher never missed a nap during our busy week, even at Hershey Park. All three kids napped that day in fact.

Brooke fearlessly got on rides right away. Christopher was another story. It took him a few times of watching Brooke get on rides until he decided to try one. This ride was one the first of the day.

Of course he loved the choo choo.

Amy and I couldn't stop laughing at our men: pushing strollers and carrying purses!

Hershey Park Happy!!! This is best picture of the day, even Christopher is smiling!

Brenda and Brooke ride the Falcon Bird.

Love Birds on the Falcon Bird.

My sweet boy.

On the road again!

By the end of the week, our little ones were snuggled up watching Dora. Christopher was stroking Brooke's hair saying "Brooke's hair is so soft". He really missed Brooke after she left.

Morning Play Time

Lilly sporting her usual bad hair day and showing off her tummy time skills.

Christopher often wants to be where his little sister is. He loves her so.

Lilly is really quite the charmer lately. She is almost always laughing, smiling or somehow working the crowd.

She loves the freedom of being on the floor. She is amazingly close to rolling over. She is
3 months old. Crazy.