Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Visit From The Southerners

On May 2nd the Caporossi's arrived from Louisiana for an 8 day visit. We had the greatest time! We took the kids to Storyville, the park, the Aquarium and Hershey Park. Saturday we wrapped up the week with a great cookout with family and friends at our house. Sunday we rested; we were exhausted. The kids got along wonderfully. Brooke is five months older than Christopher and just as cute as could be. There wasn't a single confrontation between the two of them all week. I think Christopher's quiet personality cowards at an "older" woman with a robust personality. And that is Brooke. She is amazing. She talks a blue streak, sings countless songs and makes such comical faces with her big brown eyes. I loved having Brenda, Amy and David's company as well. Amy and I picked up just where we left off when they last visited three years ago. She has a very similar parenting style as I do and it was great going through the days with someone to help with outings, naps and meals. I missed them terribly when they left. I mean, I had serious empty nest syndrome. During their stay it was never ending chaos, conversation and pots of coffee. And I loved every minute of it. Ryan and I are already talking about when we can head south for a visit.

Hershey Park:

He was too short for this ride, but I snuck him in anyway. I did get a picture with him smiling but it was blurry.

Christopher never missed a nap during our busy week, even at Hershey Park. All three kids napped that day in fact.

Brooke fearlessly got on rides right away. Christopher was another story. It took him a few times of watching Brooke get on rides until he decided to try one. This ride was one the first of the day.

Of course he loved the choo choo.

Amy and I couldn't stop laughing at our men: pushing strollers and carrying purses!

Hershey Park Happy!!! This is best picture of the day, even Christopher is smiling!

Brenda and Brooke ride the Falcon Bird.

Love Birds on the Falcon Bird.

My sweet boy.

On the road again!

By the end of the week, our little ones were snuggled up watching Dora. Christopher was stroking Brooke's hair saying "Brooke's hair is so soft". He really missed Brooke after she left.

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