Friday, May 28, 2010

Water Lily

Last Sunday we had Lillian baptized. It was an intimate ceremony performed by Deacon Frank at St. Stephens. He had all the children get involved. Christopher went up to the alter to help bless the water. He was also able to come up and watch the water being poured over Lilly's head. Lilly was well behaved and seem to like having the water run through her dark hair. Kevin stood in for Jason as the Godfather and Kristi stood as Lilly's Godmother. Everyone returned to our house afterwards for some food and fellowship. We really enjoyed the day; it was very low key and sentimental for me. I was sad as the sweet oil scent grew fainter with each passing day. Something about that smell reminds me how pure and innocent Lilly is. She is God's greatest gift and I love her so much.

This is the only picture from my camera of the baptism. Lilly is wearing the Winterstein Family Christening gown made by Lulu. For more pictures check out Kevin and Sarah's blog at Sarah took some good ones. (Thanks Aunt Sarah!)

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