Friday, May 28, 2010


How to entertain a two year old when you're stuck in the house without a car for 8 days:

Christopher received some new sand toys as a "big brother" gift from our friends Ron and Amy. Since I did away with our lame sandbox from last summer, I improvised and gave him dry barley instead. (It was an idea from Aunt Laura). He kept calling the barley "oats". He'd say: "more oats Mom!" Note his outfit: jeans too big so they show off his undies and his PJ top he hasn't taken off yet.

I like the look of concentration on his face.

This kept him busy for 45 minutes! I plan on doing more of these kind of activities. He prefers them to toys. And its free!

We also invited friends to come play with us. Leah and Danny came over on Tuesday. This was the only pic I got, with Danny mid-blink. Leah captured the two boys exchanging a goodbye hug and kiss. Very cute.

And when we were really bored I got creative with snack time. Christopher really got a kick out of this.

Too rainy to go outside? Then break out the finger paints. (We actually did go out in the rain, he loves it.) Notice how neat and careful his style is? I think it says alot about his personality: cautious.

Digging in for more paint.
My car was in the shop for 8 days having the AC repaired. The week really wasn't all that bad, as it let me break out of the box regarding activities for Christopher. And when you can't run the roads, you have more time on your hands and the day is less hectic. This allowed me some one-on-one time with Lilly, which I enjoyed immensely.

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