Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fun With Grant

Last weekend we hung out with cousin Grant. It was his 3rd Birthday and we had a great time with him.

Lulu and Lilly.

Friday a week ago we spent the entire day with Karen and Grant. We had a ball. We stayed from 11-5. Lilly napped in the shade of the stroller and the boys played. Hard. Karen and I decided we are doing a lot of this this sumer.

Christopher calls himself a "small mouth bass" when he swims. He really is such a fish. We have visited 3 pools and 1 beach in the past week. Christopher is now jumping off diving boards into 8 ft of water, popping up with the help of swimmies and climbing out of the pool, just to do it all again. Amazing. I need to get video of this.

That's me exiting the slide on the left. Can you believe we returned to this pool a week later and Christopher went down this slide... alone?!?! I regret doing it, because he came out every which way except on his bottom. I think it freaked him out. Sorry buddy.


  1. This looks like so much fun! Can we come next time? :)

  2. Where is this park? I don't think wild horses would stop Sean from getting there if I let him see these pics!