Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fun at the "New Property"

Even though there isn't a single standing structure at our lot in Jarrettsville, we still have fun going there and tramping around. Christopher is always excited to go as he announces enthusiastically "we are going to the NEW Property". He also informs me that "Daddy is going to build Christopher and Lilly a house at the New Property" and "Daddy uses the saw to cut down the trees at the New Property". This is seriously how he talks. I think we need to teach him another name for the "New Property", because one day the name just won't fit. While we are there, we point out many things of nature that we see. So far we've seen: owls, bluebirds (one of which is inhabiting Granddad's bluebird house), fox, groundhogs, several cute little fawns, six and eight point bucks in velvet, hawks, chipmunks, rabbits, among other common wildlife creatures.
Christopher is glowing in the sunbeam in the background. Lilly enjoys hiking on my hip in the sling.
Little nature girl.

Christopher's favorite part of the "New Property" as he calls it, is the stream. Ryan and I tossed some rocks and stones to create a little dam resulting in a small wading area.

Meandering through the cornfield behind where the house will one day be.

PICNIC! We have gotten into the habit of bringing Ryan a picnic lunch when he's up the property working. He spends most the time cutting trees, stacking wood and mowing the tall tall grass.


  1. Maybe I need to read further back in your blog but what is the grand plan for the new property? Ya'll gonna be off-grid and stuff? :)

  2. Beautiful pictures: can't wait for the house to be built so you can really settle in up there..

  3. 2p, we bought a 32 acre lot in Jarrettsville on New Years Eve. We are hoping to break ground next Spring. We just wanted a big parcel of land to play in. So far our plans are to grow our own produce and create nature trails, among other things. Ryan is an avid outdoors man, and he hopes to pass his fav pastimes down to the kids. Nothing too hippy-ish going on here.