Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving was everything we could want and more. Well, except maybe if we saw both sides of the fam, then I could truly say that. We decided when we married to alternate the holidays between our families. This year it was the Winterstein's turn, so up to Pennsylvania we headed. Lola set out a feast for 40+ and it was delish. We stuffed ourselves Thanksgiving style, then repeated in 4 hours. The kids were great. They ate, took naps and played well with the other kids.

During the week leading up to Turkey day, Christopher watched "Happy Thanksgiving Charlie Brown" and "The Mayflower Voyage" on a daily basis. So far Charles Schultz has done a terrific job teaching Christopher history lessons. First, it was the birth of Christ, and now the story of our forefathers. Anyway, he really is into the Pilgrims, the Mayflower and of course the Indians. He wanted a Pilgrim hat just like Snoopy was wearing. So I had my way with a yard of black felt and a glue gun which yielded a decent Pilgrim hat. Then I decided Lilly couldn't be left out and every Pilgrim needed an Indian, so Lilly became Pocahontas. I was happy with the results and Christopher couldn't take his hat off.

We thought after the long day, Christopher would crash in the car. Wrong. Ryan kissed him good night as he buckled him in saying "I'll say goodnight now, because you'll fall asleep while we are driving then I'll put you to bed when we get home". Christopher responded "but don't forget to put my pajamas on Daddy!". He chattered all the way home "look at those Christmas lights! Did you see those Christmas lights, Mommy?" etc. Half way home, Lilly was fussing, so Christopher comforted her saying "don't worry Lil, we are almost home. I'll sing you a song: 'twinkle, twinkle little star...'" Lilly fell fast asleep as her brother sang her that song. Then he tells us "I made Lilly feel better by singing to her". So sweet. But Ryan and I couldn't contain our laughter when, within 15 minutes from home, Christopher finally sighs and says, almost to himself, "I guess I'm just too wound up". Priceless.

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