Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Little Me.

My sweet little Lilly is 9 months old. I get told everyday that she looks so much like me. This isn't new. It was the first words Ryan exclaimed when the doctors pulled her from me in the delivery room. But I am seeing it more and more. And its not just the facial features either. Ryan laughs as he tells me she is shaped just like me (the pear doesn't fall far from the tree he says). She is so petite from the waist up and well, lets just say there's junk in the Pamper. And she is short. She wears 12 month clothes just so they will fit over her bottom, but the hems drag the floor. Poor girl, I've been putting up with this problem for as long as I can remember. It starting at 9 months is ridiculous. I am seeing my personality in her as well. She is stubborn, she is determined, she is bossy! She growls in determination as she grabs our hands and pulls, ordering us to walk her wherever she pleases. Lord, help me, I am getting a taste of my own medicine.

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