Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Welcome Lillian Paige

"Weighing in at 7 lbs, 2 oz... LILLIAN PAIGE WINTERSTEIN!"

Our sweet daughter arrived to us January 21, 2010 at 8:04 am. Lillian Paige Winterstein was 7lbs 3oz and 19 1/2 inches long. Unlike her brother when he was born, she has a full head of dark hair. She looks similar to him, but definitely has her own look. Ryan saw her first, and reported to me "she looks just like you, Katie". Which is great, now we each have our own "mini-me". She was delivered by C-section, with her bottom coming out first. The doctor asked Ryan to announce the sex, and then had to ask him to "guess again". Let's just say that from behind, she looked like a boy! I was able to hold her within 30 minutes of her birth, which was very important to me. She nursed readily and stayed wide awake for over an hour. However since then, she has been a sleepy little thing! I have to really work to keep her awake during feeding sessions. These past days I've noticed two brief wakeful periods in the day, other than these she just sleeps. I have to set an alarm to make sure I feed her during the night! I can't help but feel she will be like this until her actual due date of January 27. It's her way of saying "you took me out early, I'm sleeping in until I'm good and ready". Nursing is going very well, as has my healing process. Christopher seems to be adjusting well. He looks at her and says "Baby Lilly sleeping". He likes to touch her toes and do "this little Piggy". Today he helped give her a sponge bath. There are no signs of jealousy; I hope this holds out! We are really enjoying our week as a family, and getting to know our newest member. Ryan has been a great help, both with Christopher and around the house. Although I do feel he will be ready to go back to work on Monday... with a new appreciation of what I do everyday!

From being in a breech position, Lilly's legs were sticking straight up in the air for awhile when she came out. Then they relaxed into a frog position.

Her very first picture.

A before shot. I just realized when Laura suggested that I get a final photo of me pregnant, that I hadn't a single photo of me pregnant. Good call Laura! This was taken as we waited to go back to the OR. You don't get much more last minute than that!

Finally, we meet!

Lilly was tongue-thrusting like mad when she first came to me.

Working a good set of lungs.

Ahhh, spa day. This is more like it.

Her frog-legged stance. Its pretty tough getting a diaper on her. Her legs are very stiff. The doctor said this will lessen over time, and it already has.

Lilly likes her Lulu. Say that three times fast.

Meeting Granddad and Grandmom.

Snuggled in with Aunt Lisa.

Poppa cautiously holds his new granddaughter.

Christopher gives his sister the first of many kisses. He was fairly interested in her.

A close up.

"Baby Lilly" says Christopher.

Christopher sees Lilly for the first time.

Home at last. Here she is enjoying a visit from family on Sunday.


  1. Love all of the pictures! I just knew it was going to be a girl! Honestly, Lillian has always been one of my favorite names. I read a memoire by Lillian Hellman years and years ago and I have loved the name ever since. If it wasn't too rhymey with Blevins, Sophie might have been one.

    Can't wait to meet her!!

    (Was she frank breech? Is that why her legs were sticking out?)

  2. Congratulations Katie! She really does look like you! I had a feeling it would be a girl too! Was the c-section experience very different? Congrats again, you have a beautiful family!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS Ryan and Katie!
    How exciting... A precious lil' girl!!! I know the feeling of hearing them say it's girl will remain w/ me forever, too! She's beautiful!
    Praying for a great recovery for you, both my C-sections went wonderfully and the recovery was surprisingly easy. Enjoy your new bundle of joy and the beautiful moments you will see w/ Christopher and her together as they grow up together! Keep the blog going, we'll be watching for new pics to come. Cyndi & Dave

  4. She's a beaut, Clark! She's a beaut! Congratulations, ya'll! :) I'm going to be looking at these pics 20x a day - she's precious!

  5. Congratulations Ryan, Katie, and Christopher! Lilly is beautiful. And I love her name!! I can't wait to meet her.

  6. Yay! Congratulations on beautiful Lilly! I'm so happy for you guys.

    Not one picture of you pregnant?! How is that even possible? Glad you got one!

    Hopefully we'll see you all soon,
    The Dempseys

  7. Katie, after looking for the answer as to what the plans are with your beautiful "new property" I'm now confounded about something else. Lilly's birthdate was going to be Jan 28 but it was moved to the 21st. What made the docs move up the date? Am I too nosy? Sorry! I love anything and everything about birth stories.