Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lilly's First Bath

These pics are in reverse order. Sorry!
Her hair reminded me of a baby chimp. Wispy and spikey.

Christopher adds the finishing touch with a good hair-brushing.

Big Bro gives a nice shampoo.

Here Christopher is saying "it's ok Lilly" in response to her crying. Such a caring little guy.

Oh- the sweetness!

Checking out all her features. He is very gentle with her.


  1. Oh, she is SO cute!

    PS. Whenever I see your Blog Title, I start singing the theme song to "Green Acres" except I sing, "Pleeeeeasant Acres is the place TO BE!..." So thanks for songbombing me every time you blog! ;)

  2. They are so sweet together- what a beautiful family!

  3. Love the dark hair! I wonder if she'll keep it, or if it'll fall out!? So sweet to see CRW concerned about her, and trying to help out!

  4. Laura, I am always songbombing you! BTW, Ryan wanted the name to be green acres. But it was taken. Leah, yes I wonder if it will fall out too.