Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lilly Lovin'

All my fears of Christopher having a negative response to a new baby sister can be put to rest. The boy LOVES his little sister. Ryan and I don't push him towards her, or tell him to do anything with her for fear of "over doing it". I even try to limit the amount of time I hold her in front of Christopher for fear of triggering any kind of jealousy. That is why it is especially sweet when Christopher is the one to seek her out. He does it out of genuine love and concern. After his nap yesterday he ran into her room, pulled a stool over to her crib and peered over the rail. Instead of finding her there, he found the crib empty. His response? "Baby Lilly is gone!". I told him she was napping on my bed. Off he ran into our room, he climbed up on our bed, straddled over her and ever so gently kissed her several times on her face. He is so gentle with her, I almost needn't worry about when he is near her. He loves looking at her, commenting "Baby Lilly has tiny toes", "Baby Lilly's hair is black", "Be gentle with Baby's eyes", or "Baby Lilly is sleeping". If she cries he reassures her "its ok Lilly". He is such a sweet concerned Big Brother. I am so proud of him.


  1. looks like genuine love in the winterstein family


  2. She is such a sweet little thing and Christopher is such a great big brother! Almost makes me want another one. Almost.