Thursday, April 1, 2010

Big Brother Christopher

I can not say enough how well Christopher gets along with Lilly. He has always been super interested in her, and very affectionate. He comes over while I'm nursing her, climbs up and mimics her panting breathing. Then he lays a smooch on her cheek. He does this several times a day. Lately Lilly has had more awake periods. Christopher is constantly trying to entertain her. He usually stands in front of her and says "Baby Lilly is looking at you (me)". Or "Baby Lilly is so cute" or "Baby Lilly has tiny little fingers". As of recent, he is teaching her how to play with the toys on her bouncy chair. He instructs "Lilly, reach and touch". Last week while I was making dinner in the kitchen I heard Christopher say "Baby Lilly says 'thanks for the red hat, Christopher'." When I came to investigate, I found Lilly buried under his fireman's hat, with just her legs sticking out. It was such a comical site, I laughed out loud. Christopher then said "that hat's too big for Lilly".

Today Lilly batted at her toys on the bouncy chair intently for the first time. I never tire of watching developmental milestones. Its like watching a flower blossom. She is very social lately, giving us plenty of smiles.

Christopher milestone: he now has his last bottom two molars.

Christopher shows Lilly how to play with her toys.

Lilly holds a ring, assisted by Lulu. Good work Lilly!

Sweet smiles.

"Reach and TOUCH!"

"Lilly has chubby cheeks" Christopher would say.


  1. Family is so great. The pic of Christopher showing Lilly the ropes of the bounce bounce is priceless. love you all. Kevin

  2. The picture with Aunt Kristi.. Lilly's cheeks are so pink they blend well with the blooming tree. Christopher is in the making of excellent big brother to Lil' Lilly.