Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Lilly

Our Easter was, well in a word; warm. I think it broke a record and was well into the 80's. Backing up, on Saturday Ryan, Christopher and I dyed Easter eggs. It is quite a challenge dying eggs with a 2 year old. He kept trying to grab the cups of dye. But we were able to see the project through with only one egg broken. Funny thing is, Christopher has been watching "The Easter Beagle" everyday leading up to Easter, so he totally understands the decorating and hiding of the eggs. (So far we are really on a roll using the Peanuts gang to educate Christopher in holiday traditions.) Easter Sunday I still had a cold and I wasn't up for Mass with two kids in an over crowded church. We settled for the story of the first Easter and a family walk instead. We had dinner at Nana and Pop Pop's. Afterwards the kids took nice naps and awakened happy and refreshed. Christopher enjoyed the Easter egg hunt and found every egg with just a little help. I think his highlight was riding the tractor (a real farm tractor) with Poppa.
This dress is from Oma Ru. It fits her perfectly, but its hard to get a great shot of a baby in a dress while being held. Lilly often likes having her tongue out. What a cutie.

Posing with Aunt Kristi. Happy Easter!


  1. That is just the most adorable dress! And you are totally looking skinnier!!! Way to go!

  2. Mmm...those little cheeks look totally pinchable! :)

  3. She looks sooo much older already!! And it's only been a couple of weeks! Love me them cheekie cheeks