Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Day Out With Thomas

As a birthday gift to Christopher, Ryan and I bought tickets to spend a day with Thomas at B&O Railroad Museum. What a great day it was! We left Lilly home with Lulu (say that 3 times fast) so Christopher could have a day just with Mommy and Daddy. This was the second time for CRW and I at the Museum, and I think he liked it even more than the first time. We boarded engines and cars, road Thomas, saw Sir Topham Hatt and train gardens. Christopher played on 3 different Moon bounces and road a kiddie train. He had a great time and was a very good boy all day!
Sitting side by side on a wooden coach.

At the controls of a massive engine. The lower right of the picture is where the coal burns. Christopher knew this from Thomas episodes. See, he really does learn stuff from TV.

Looking down the track.

Riding on Thomas. Note punched ticket in his hand. (I'm always getting pictures mid-blink...aggravating!)

Yay Thomas!

In line to get a picture with Sir Topham Hatt. Once I took the picture, which turned out great, the camera got a glitch and the card read "data error". Oh well, Christopher enjoyed just getting to see the Man in charge of all the engines!

Mr. Engineer!

He was very happy to ride the little trains. This is an improvement from last summer, when he wouldn't get on a single kiddie ride at Kings Dominion.

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