Friday, April 16, 2010

March Photos

My camera is seriously dysfunctional, hence the lack of pictures lately. Tonight I happened to find old photos still on it, when I thought it was empty. Kinda like finding money in your pocket. Kinda.

Christopher helps clean up after making oatmeal raisin cookies.

Helping Mommy make cookies. On this particular day he was in a great mood, being a good listener and very patient. So I took the opportunity to bake with him, something I've wanted to do for a long time. He was very good and had a great time. He measured every ingredient! It took a while, but was so worth it. He has mentioned the experience many times since, saying "scoop and pour".

Lilly takes a bath . Love the chub.

I thought the kids would like having their first of many baths together. The two like being together always, that is obvious already. Lilly is often looking and smiling at her big brother.

Christopher eating yogurt. I overheard him in the kitchen saying "OH! What a messsss!" I rounded the corner to find him like this.
Lilly is reaching for her toys now. Its amazing how quickly babies change. She is very alert and smiles constantly. She is such a happy baby. Our daily routine is so smooth. Christopher is the first to rise, then Lilly, then finally Mommy (then later still-Ryan). Lilly likes to play in her rocker chair in Christopher's room while he very busily gets into something. I just enjoy watching them while I sip my morning coffee in Christopher's overstuffed arm chair. Lilly then has her morning nap while Christopher and I have breakfast and ready ourselves for the day. After her morning nap its outing time. Usually we go to the park, library, playgroup or run errands. Then its back home for lunch and naps. I am very fortunate to have two kids who nap simultaneously, at least for the most part. During naps I prep for dinner and tidy up. The evenings are spent wandering around the yard until Daddy comes home. Then its dinner and -my favorite part- bedtime! I get Lilly down and Ryan does Christopher. Sometimes we leave the rooms at the same time and exchange a high-5. Cheesy but true. God help us when number three comes along!

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