Friday, July 30, 2010

Crazy Kids

Just a day in the life at our house...

Grandma has a way of getting the little ones to do certain things. Like eating. Grandma told Christopher, "you take a bite, then I'll do my exercise" (her incentive spirometer from surgery).

Well, it worked! She'd take a turn, then he'd take a bite. Got to love a clever Grandma!

Starting the day with some snugglin'.

Christopher has taken interest in Lilly pod chair. I can't believe the tray fits.
What a goofy little guy.

Lilly hanging out in Christopher's room. She is currently up scooting forward!
More on that to come.

Christopher perfecting his clothespin skills. He really liked this activity.


  1. Yay! Toddler activities! You go, girl! OK, enough with the exclamation points. That pic of them snuggling is so cute, especially the straight-lipped look of Lilly. (Check out that alliteration!) Since the J. McClains are back up here, we'll be sure to get together. Do you have any free time this coming week? I'm free all but Monday I think. I still want to go to that water park! And to the beach and sea glass hunting...

  2. 2p, you got it! Summer isn't over yet! We have to get together this week, I'll text or call you! There, now we are even on exclamation points.