Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Big Month For Lilly

In the month since I last posted, Lilly has made many milestones. She is now crawling, and fast! She has three teeth and is working on her fourth. (She has her two bottom center, and the top left incisor. It looks like I will have another child with a Jack-o-lantern smile for Halloween.) She loves Patty-cake and claps her hands and makes the "roll it" sign. Anytime she hears music, me whistle or sing, she bobs and shakes her head as if dancing. She is very affectionate, biting me on the chin or nose while grabbing my face in a very possessive "hug". We are enjoying her more everyday. Christopher, however; well lets just say the honeymoon is over. Now he quickly tells me "Mommy, pick Lilly up" if she ever gets too close to his space. But Lilly adores her older brother already, and is always wanting to be near him, or more often, on top of him. She is constantly watching him and all the while has a smile on her face. She is downright fascinated with him.
This is taken just days before she started crawling.

Here she is playing with some noisy things in her crib.

A toothless grin... but not for long!

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