Monday, December 13, 2010

Crafts and Cookies

Last Wednesday we headed to Aunt Sarah's and Uncle Kevin's to do some Christmas crafts and bake cookies. The kids had a ball and did not want to leave. Christopher has talked about it everyday since. Sarah and I are going to get together again this week to do it all again.
The kids take a break from cookie making to wrestle with Uncle Kevin

Madeline shows Lilly the art of rummaging through a drawer. Come to think of it, everyday since, Lilly has been pulling things out of drawers constantly.

First you decorate the cookie...

Then you EAT IT!

"This ones for you!"


I spent some bonding time with my sweet Goddaughter, Tessa. She slept soundly in the sling for about an hour.

Madeline picks out some buttons for a Christmas craft.

Everyone takes a break for lunch.

Aunt Sarah helps Christopher make his star. When we got home that night, he ran straight downstairs to add the star to the tree. Several times since, he has removed and replaced it, telling me how he and "Sarah" made it. (He often leaves off "Aunt" and "Uncle").

"Watch as I point out Baby Tessa's eye"

(This is exactly what she is saying as the picture was taken. I had to save Tessa's eye.)

"See Mom, I didn't hurt her."

Christopher begins another ornament.

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  1. yay that was so fun. can't wait to do it all again tomorrow. BTW, the pics came out really nice. You're right, the lighting was good that day. Good choice of camera.