Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lilly's 1st Birthday

This picture sums up what I wanted for Lilly's birthday.

The kids enjoy their cup cakes:

"Am I supposed to eat all this? I said just one cup cake, but this is ridiculous!"

I wanted Lilly's first birthday party to be fun, colorful and low key. Mission accomplished. We invited over family only (which still turns out to be such a crowd). I dressed Lilly in a bright ruffled outfit (Ryan said she looked like a pinata). I had her in crazy pigtails to really set off her fun spirit. She was a little off during the party, but I think she still had a great time. She likes being around all her cousins. The kids played well together. I let them each decorate their own cupcake. When we sang to Lilly, every kid had a candle of their own to blow out. It turns out that is quite a big deal to preschoolers.

Cousin love. Sophia nicknamed Lilly "Lilly-bean" soon after she was born. It stuck.

Cup cakes galore!

Lulu's cup cake creation. She did an awesome job, as usual.

I wanted lots of colors! I love it.

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  1. That first picture is awesome, definately frame-worthy!