Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"3" Alarm Fire

Don't be concerned... that's the kind of birthday Christopher had this weekend. Apparently Lulu asked him what kind of birthday cake he wanted. He responded "A Firetruck one". Well Lulu took the idea and ran with it (as usual). The result was a cake containing several of Christopher's favorite things. Our green house with the house number on it. A pond made of blue jello with little fish swimming in it. Some late winter snow and a snowman holding a "slow sign". Heavy equipment making a road. A race car in an accident with requested firetrucks rushing to the scene. In all, it was perfectly Christopher. He loved it. Unfortunately, we had to cut it to eat it. The next day he requested another piece of his cake. When I sat a slice down in front of him he asked despairingly "where's the firetruck?". I guess this was his first lesson in not "having your cake and eating it too".

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