Friday, January 7, 2011

This past Christmas was my favorite so far. Mostly because of the weeks leading up to it. I enjoyed seeing Christopher fully understand what Christmas is about. Christmas Eve Ryan's family joined us for a 4pm service at St. Michael's. Afterwards we came home and had Pasta Fragile and dessert. Once a few gifts were opened, we put out Santa's goodies and put the kids to bed. Christmas morning arrived with the usual 7am wake up. Christopher was first down the steps to find a Radio Flyer red wagon filled with presents. We had a buttermilk waffle breakfast first, then returned downstairs to open gifts. Our morning moved on at a leisurely pace, Christopher wanted to play with each thing that he opened. By 11 we were on the road to Bayside. Once there we visited, ate, opened gifts, ate some more and visited more. Laura and my mom put out quite a feast. Uncle Jason built a fire outside. Christopher and Lilly took long naps. It actually it was the most quiet and peaceful day at my parent's since I can remember! Usually the kids are fighting, or someone is crying or being put in time out. But all that took a break on Christmas day. And that was the best gift of all.
Poor quality, but I like this picture. Jason said, "here get an action shot". He makes me laugh.
A look through the window outside. The menfolk warm themselves by the fire.
My parents started the tradition last year of buying live trees for Christmas, then planting them out in the yard after they serve as decoration. This one looks artsy, doesn't it?
My handsome elf.

Ryan and Christopher read "Polar Express"

Lilly loved opening gifts
Christopher can not play his harmonica without jumping up and down nonstop.

Santa left one little crumb with a chocolate chip in it. Guess who found it? What a mess!

Daddy and his lil girl.

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