Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Caporossi Visit

The week between Christmas and New Years we were blessed with a visit from the Caporossi's. (David is Ryan's second cousin.) They braved snow and ice on their journey up from Louisiana. It was such a great visit. The guys hunted, the kids played and Amy and I; well we talked. And talked and talked. We drank coffee, shared parenting frustrations, laughed and cried. What a great week. I really miss Amy's company. When they left on Monday morning, I felt it. Our house feels so empty after a good Caporossi visit. Till next time, Amy!
These two got along so well. I can't emphasize it enough. I have never seen Christopher give in and play nice with another kid as he does with Brooke. The first two days of the visit, the two walked around the house, hand in hand. (Mostly Brooke was pulling Christopher here and there) I miss Brooke so much. She has amazing energy and some funny facial expressions to go with it.

Brooke gives Christopher a look as they exchange Christmas gifts.

Brooke shows off her computer skills. She amazed me with how computer literate she is.

David holds Lilly. Lilly holds Dora.

Brookes pounding out a beat on the drums at Port Discovery.

Christopher gets his beat going.

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