Monday, March 7, 2011

Dr. Christopher

Christopher loves going to the doctor. When he walks in the waiting room he greets the assistants with a smile and a hug, even saying "I'm so happy to see you!". He is very well behaved and obedient. He observes what the doctor does to Lilly or himself. So after his 3 year check up on Saturday (weighing in at 32lbs), he has really perfected his pretend doctor play. It is so realistic, Ryan and I have to stifle laughter. It goes something like this:

"Are you not feeling well, Mommy? Here let me see what's wrong." (Takes stethoscope) "Let me listen to your heart.... hmmm, ok now take a deep breath.... and again... and again.... GOOD JOB! Let me look in your ears. Ok, open your mouth, say 'ahhh'. Now, we're almost done. I just have to give you a needle. Where would you like it? Ok, here you go!" (Sticks me with needle). "Wow, you are so brave! Let's go get a sticker!".

He has the poise and mannerisms of a doctor. It is just too cute.

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