Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Tricks

A few days ago I went to retrieve Lilly from her afternoon nap. She awoke seeming so much older. First she pointed out her "boo-boo" on her left pointer finger. I asked her "is that your boo-boo?". She replied by enthusiastically nodding her little head up and down. She did this so vigorously, her entire upper torso wiggled. She has been doing this often ever since. "Lilly, would you like grapes?" Head bobbing. "Are you all done?" More head bobbing. It is so cute! I am not even sure where she picked it up. With the weather warming, the kids and I take leisurely walks to look for "signs of Spring". At the end of our road, neighbors fly an American flag in their front yard. Every time Christopher sees Old Glory, he requests "Mommy, sing the American flag song!". Since I love our National Anthem and since it is a difficult song to sing and I can't sing a lick, I love to belt it out loudly when it is only my kids that will hear. Surprisingly the other day I heard Christopher quietly playing in his room then start singing to himself "oh say does thaaat star spangled baaaaaner yet waaaaave....". He can now sing it from start to finish! I love hearing his little voice attempt to stay in tune, it is so sweet.

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